6 Reasons your business needs to be listed on JustDereham.co.uk


Listing your Dereham based business on JustDereham.co.uk is fast, easy and free. But there are additional benefits that you may not be aware of so we’ve listed 6 top reasons why your business needs to be listed on JustDereham.co.uk.

Dereham's free business directory - JustDereham.co.uk

  1. Local Search is where it’s at right now

    Smart phone and tablet use continues to rise meaning more people are searching for local goods and services when they’re out and about. Local businesses that are listed on popular, high value local directories can expect to see an increase in both traffic to their websites (if they have one) and sales. Local businesses that aren’t listed on their local business directory will miss out on both website traffic and calls from local customers searching for their business when they most need it. Not having a website doesn’t mean you cannot take advantage of this local traffic if you have a listing on JustDereham.co.uk.

  2. Up-to-date information increases awareness and reputation

    High traffic local business directories can add a lot of weight to how Google and other search engines rank a particular business, which in turn can dramatically improve local Search Engine Optimisation. Gaining positive reviews on a local business directory (such as JustDereham.co.uk) shows the search engines, and customers. that your business is trustworthy and such businesses are rewarded accordingly.

  3. Your local directory listing keeps search engines in the know about your business

    The category (or categories) your business is listed in tells the search engines a lot about your business. Keeping your listing up to date shows them and your customers, that your business is growing and adapting. This is valuable information for Search Engine Optimisation as it helps them decide which search terms to associate with your business. Keywords (tags) added to your directory listing give even more valuable data to the search engines too so make sure you add as much information as possible!

  4. Searches made on mobile devices are looking to buy right now!

    If somebody is searching for a business like yours on their mobile device whilst they’re out and about it’s because they want what you offer there and then. They’re highly unlikely to be searching just for fun… So, if your local business directory listing appears when they’re searching for what you do, then they are much more likely to contact you to arrange a visit whilst they’re in the neighbourhood. Making sure your listing appears above your competitors is crucial. So make sure the information on your listing is up to date.

  5. Your competitors are probably doing it!

    Most savvy business owners are always looking for an edge over the competition. Don’t let your indifference to your local online business directory affect your business in the future. be proactive in seeking positive reviews from your customers. If you’re not then you can bet your competitors probably are…!

  6. We’re already on page one of Google…!

    We only launched a short time ago but we are already on the first page of Google for searches relating to Dereham. This is a clear indication that Google has recognised JustDereham.co.uk as a valuable local resource for its searchers and it will continue to index and rank business listings on our site as it grows. We have many years experience in SEO and have big plans for the future. In the short amount of time we’ve been online we’ve demonstrated our worth and will continue to support our local community in the future.

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